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– that fall feeling –

In case you may not know me (or haven’t realized yet) I am pretty much as basic as they come so… of course fall is my favourite season! I’m a sucker for a good cardigan (I already love scarves), and a half- sweet PSL or a pumpkin cold brew is a sure way to my heart (and my half- white side comes out HARD this kind of year).

But most of all, I think people find that the transition to fall comes with a bit of a “reset” that we normally all need… whether you’re back to school or work, getting organized and getting into good habits, and the “fresh start” you’re in need of. It feels like a time of potential for change.. kind of like in January when everyone is making their New Years resolutions (except with wayyyyy cuter outfits)… like did I wear a fall cardigan this morning fully knowing it’ll warm up from this 16 degree weather to 25 later today? sure DID!

This fall is a bit of a different year for me – I’m actually moving into a new role at work (that is a temporary break from shift work and more of a Monday to Friday position), and taking a little break from teaching! I’ve actually been kind of looking forward to the change since I have never really had the opportunity to have a schedule or routine like this, and I know in terms of my health stuff this will probably be a change my body will welcome! Now that I’m done school I feel like it couldn’t be better timing!

I think it has really only been in the past few weeks since I’ve had a bit of a “break” that I’ve realized how much I have just been running on empty for so long. I truly enjoy being busy and would much rather that than be sitting around doing nothing, but this is the very first time that I have felt like in a long time I am not just a hot mess express moving from one thing to the next, and there might actually be enough time to finish everything on my to- do list or be a little bit organized!

A lot of people always ask me how I manage(d) being so busy and stay so organized, and I will tell you right now my answer is always that I have created a really good illusion that I have my life “together” in all those moments I am feeling like a hot mess! However, I did promise I’d share a few tips about all that, and I figured what better time than this September transition.

When it comes to getting organized and setting goals/ priorities I find that what worst best for me is figuring out the “rigid” stuff- things like work, appointments, other commitments, and setting a schedule around that which is somewhat planned works best for me. It’s a lot easier to slot the “other” stuff in when you have a good idea of the non- negotiables. I know it sounds simple and maybe a little silly, but especially being a shift worker I need to know that my pre- nights nap is a non- negotiable, and I should probably work out before I go to sleep or that’s definitely not going to happen (no matter how many times I tell myself I’ll “get up and do it”). Here are a few quick tips for you all!

  1. Get yourself a planner- a paper one. I know this sounds silly in our technological age, but it is so very true. Seeing things in writing (and for me a lot of colour coding, because that keeps me organized and on track with the million things going on in my life) is really helpful to know what is going on when (an example below to see!) Buy yourself some stickers if you like that kind of thing… it makes things look pretty and helps me keep organized! I use an Erin Condren (I like it because it has the most space for me.. but there are lots out there! Happy to do another post on this if you guys are interested!)
  2. Set reminders – I’ve been setting some alarms on my phone to remind myself about things I know I will forget. Trust me, it’s super helpful! I also will make notes in my agenda about following up on stuff (i.e if someone wants you to call back in three days, put it in your agenda or your phone NOW before you forget!)
  3. Set aside YOU time. I set aside one night a week now to myself- no friends, no family, just time for me myself and my favourite face mask (and as much as I grumble about losing a night a week sometimes it has made the world of a difference for me)
  4. Do things ahead of time- meal prep, smoothie prep, pack your lunch, etc. All these things make much better “grab and go” options that are better for your health and cost- saving too! (I’m still getting better at this, but trying to do stuff that sets myself up for success!)
  5. Visualize and track your goals- (ie. if you are weighing in, saving $, etc.) seeing a cumulative result of something is much better for the majority of us who are all pretty “visual” – highly recommend!
  6. Make lists- this one is not for everybody, but chances are if you are a little OCD like me, you get some satisfaction from “crossing things off” your to – do list… (does anyone add stuff to their to do list or is that just me?!)
  7. Schedule time in for the mudane things- like cleaning your kitchen, vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher, etc. They seem small but they add up and next thing you know you’ve over committed yourself!

I hope some of these things are a little helpful for you… if they are let me know and I am happy to share some more. By no means do I have everything figured out but I certainly am much better and have found out what things work for me and what does not.

A final cheers to the weird (and maybe not so wonderful) summer 2020 we have had (although my glass will be water now that I’m doing dry September!) Wishing you all the good vibes, PSLs, and fall cardigans! And for all of you with kiddos heading back to school today after the longest March Break EVER… you got this!

peace OUT Summer 2020!

xo, C

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