– baby, we’re baaaaack! –

Hi everyone!

First of all, apologies for my very long hiatus on here. I’ve taken a pretty significant break from a lot of my social media and my blog for a few reasons but I didn’t abandon you forever!

Many of you know I’ve been on the journey of my never- ending masters the past few years, and like many things, COVID threw a wrench in my plan to finish that up. The good news is, I was able to re-write my thesis, get everything submitted and defend before the end of this summer term! On top of all that and COVID craziness at work my health has also been a bit of a challenge over the last few months, so sitting down to write hasn’t been the easiest of tasks.

But, I’m back and looking forward to a new season, writing some new posts, and sharing some additional new content with all of you! I’m also moving into a bit of a different role work wise which is going to allow me (hopefully) a bit more balance and routine in my life, so will sure to update you on that.

Hope you are all staying safe & well, sending you ALL the good vibes

xo, -C

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