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no, I will not nurse you back to health…

My absolute pet peeve of pickup lines though is when guys ask me if I will “nurse them back to health”. That’s gonna be a no from me sir. No I will not put on the inappropriate nurse costume, and wearing scrubs isn’t “hot” (I’m basically in PJs though so not mad about it). Normally when I tell guys I work with kids, that shuts them up pretty fast from making the inappropriate comments. But I’m going to tell you this now: I will not be nursing you to back to health, sir.

I think that’s a big part of why I often gravitate to people in similar fields to me and who appreciate hard and dedication, I thought that was just a general trait people had (but boy was I wrong). It’s a weird time for dating for everyone- literally my worst nightmare because there has had to be a lot of prolonged messaging involved (which we know I hate). It also has brought some pretty excellent characters from some place I didn’t know existed? Exhibit A below..

thank you for clarifying, Chris

I’m going to go head and go out on a limb here to say that Chris is DEFINITELY a f*ckboy. Anyone who feels the need to put that as their employer on a dating app definitely needs to re-evaluate their life.

With everything happening around privilege, etc. recently I had a conversation wth someone over a dating app (and normally I’m pretty good not to engage with idiocy and just unmatch but man was I riled up about this one)

See, its when I have conversations like this with people that I am truly, genuinely concerned for mankind. And for people like this to reproduce. (can we have A MOMENT for his comment about not wanting to give up his privileged life and the fact that he thought we obviously had a POSITIVE conversation that he messaged me his number and I’ve received four messages from him since even though I haven’t replied?!) I’ve of course blocked that all out because I’m a nice person like that despite the fact that he is evidently a trash human being….

Sometimes I wonder… does everyone have the experiences dating that I have had, or is it literally just me? That is not me sitting here wondering why “I get allll this attention from guys”- quite the opposite actually, more so just wondering what about me attracts all sorts of insanity. Why guys meet me for the first time and feel like I am the person to unload all their life problems on when we are literally hanging out for the first (and now probably only) time, WHO KNOWS! (let me know if any of you figure that out)

So peeps…. if you’re struck out on winning over your crush this week, good news! There are some real winners out there!

Cheers friends!


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