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the inevitable surge

With all that’s been going on as Ontario reopens this week, there has been no lack of chatter around what this process will look like and the “inevitable surge” that will happen in the province with COVID19 cases.

From a hospital perspective, our numbers are at an all time low since this thing began due to people taking appropriate measures and social distancing, etc. However- people are also starting to get cabin fever and “do what they want” anyways… A friend shared this and I related on a spiritual level….

Cue the Trinity Bellwoods low-key rager that happened yesterday over the weekend (why….. people WHY). As people wanted to get outside into the warmer weather and sunshine, there were mass crowds in the park in Toronto.

While I can’t always say that I am the first to commend Doug Ford on his work, I thought he handled the situation briefing the province very well- reminding Ontarians that just because we are “over” the quarantine doesn’t mean that it is over. And he has not been shy to say that if re-opening causes a spike in numbers of cases, he will shut things right down again if people don’t take the appropriate precautions.

Here’s the thing… nothing has changed since March when we started lock down. Yeah, a couple months have gone by, we certainly have some cabin fever, but the virus is no less deadly than it was before (if anything, it could be more deadly as we don’t know if it has mutated or changed). We CANNOT let our guard down now. It’s just not smart.

Please remember that those in the moment decisions you make to visit your friends, have the parties and be in the presence of others for “one quick second” has a rippling impact for at LEAST the next two months – maybe not on your life, but likely on the lives of others already less fortunate and more disadvantaged than you, or for our healthcare workers who will inevitably be fighting this surge head on.

All of us who work in healthcare are holding our breath- for the moment that we start to see peoples’ “small” missteps become a much bigger deal. Remember that “the small things you do matter” whole thing? Yeah… (here’s a good read from one of our Paeds ED physicians here in London who has been sharing some really great info )

We’re seeing a spike in numbers resulting from the Mother’s Day long weekend, and even those of us who know better are getting a bit laxed on our preventative measures- we have to remember that often it is this time that is the most critical as when we get complacent that’s when we can do the most damage. It’s about having a healthy respect.

That being said, we also must take the time to make sure we are caring for ourselves and for others, as this what feels like never-ending marathon is still upon us. Take this time to improve yourself- that doesn’t have to be losing fifty pounds or renovating your whole house… it just means take advantage of this change of pace to reflect on your needs and focus on what you need to succeed in being your BEST self.

And in that spirit, I am off to enjoy the sunshine and a good book. To end off on a good laugh, here’s a funny one for you guys (and it’s funny cause its true)

Take care of yourselves y’all

xo, -C

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