some seriously strange springtime vibes

really elevating my springtime balcony views #thankyoufrontlineworkers

This has definitely not been the spring energy we were hoping or looking for out of 2020….. Easter which normally is a pretty good marker of spring weather has come and gone but we’re still stuck to our couches repeatedly hitting yes to Netflix’s “are you still watching” prompt.

Spring and fall have always been probably my two favourite seasons. There really is something to be said about the feeling of April, before people are in full on summer mode. I also love fall (for reasons despite the fact that I am just a basic white girl trapped in a tanned girl’s body- lol ). That going back to school, feels like a fresh start to the year, a cute cardigan and scarf season is back in full swing. Who can complain about that? But in spring the weather is temperate, you can maybe sneak in a couple patio bevies with friends and even sitting in your office doing work while the sun is shining through your windows doesn’t seem so bad as you sip your iced coffee with a good playlist on!

In my family group chat this morning my dad told my brother “we’ve taken out the summer patio furniture so you can do some entertaining” (to which I laughed because by entertaining he obviously means letting the dogs sit next to him but hey we’re all making the best of it).

It made me realize that although we are all waiting for this to be “over”, it likely is going to change the way that we live our lives for some time, and we need to wrap our heads around that. It’s not ideal, and it’s not easy, and although we can’t share those patio drinks with friends the same way we did, it is more important than ever that we think about how we can connect with others and the world around us so that we can stay mentally well which is just as important as our physical wellness. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

So here are a few ideas to think about during a few free moments that might be able to help ground you in the weeks and months to come.

  1. Sit outside on your balcony/ porch. Give yourself 30 minutes with a good cup of coffee or patio cider without your phone and appreciate the outdoors.
  2. Get moving and get some fresh air! Although many parks are closed, there are still many outdoor spots available for hiking/ walking trails that you can socially distance safely!
  3. Take an online class– whether you like to dance, play an instrument or sing, learn a new recipe- there are SO many options! Many of them you can do along with friends as well- it may not be quite the same, but it is close! (Masterclass is having a buy one get one free membership promotion right now which has an incredible variety and options for classes).
  4. Read a good book– book clubs/ journal clubs are still pretty easy to do with ZOOM and all! For those who may not have had time to pick up a good book in the last while, it may be a great opportunity to do this again!
  5. Spa Night at home! Never underestimate how amazing a good bath bomb and face mask can make you feel!
  6. Get all dressed up and have a girls night with your friends! Who said you have to go out to have nice hair and makeup and wear a cute outfit? Plus, heels are way more comfortable when you’re wearing them at home!
  7. Get crafty– remember the days of Pinterest boards?! DIY projects are bigger than ever right now. You can also order needed supplies online and pick up safely at stores (many are doing curbside pickup). Maybe revitalize some old furniture or use up some old crafting materials you have lying around?
  8. Teach yourself a language– there are lots of apps and websites like Duolingo which can help you come out of quarantine with a few new words in your vocabulary!
  9. Work on your hair and makeup skills– who knew there were so many youtube experts these days? Did I think I would get sucked into a full day of makeup tutorials? Absolutely not. I also really love Milabu‘s page – she looks at some great new products and gives some pretty practical and realistic reviews!
  10. Develop your self care/ skin care routines. Many of us (I am guilty) don’t have a great skin care routine, but like anything getting into doing this on a routine basis becomes less of a task and more of a habit when you are used to doing it on the reg! Find out what kind of skin you have and take a look at reviews of some potential routines/ products that may work for you
  11. Spring Cleaning– Marie Kondo the s*** out of your life! What a better time to purge than when you are stuck at home with all your extra suff and figure out what really brings you joy. Who knows what extra fun things you might find even in your cupboards to do some baking or cooking projects!
  12. Host a wine tasting event- featuring all the wine you have in your bars at home with all your friends!
  13. Even if you’re not feeling particularly athletic, work on your flexibility! We all need to stretch more than ever since we’re working at home!

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely spring weather, and feeling inspired and motivated despite the strange spring we are having!


some serious springtime vibes brought to you by my favourite local plant shop @growandbloomco

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