what to do during quarantine when you’ve run out of snacks to eat……

Hey peeps,

Happy Hump Day! Hope you are all making it through your weeks, whatever that looks like for you! With quarantine still in full swing, people are going a little stir crazy at home and looking for some new fun things to do to keep busy and enjoy some of this “free time” as we work through this pandemic. I thought it would be fun to share some ideas about “what to do in quarantine”, and I’ve even provided some info for some discounts for people working on the front lines! So here you go

  • THE BINGE: New Netflix OGs: lots of great shows out there right now on various streaming platforms. You’ve probably heard about a few Netflix Original Series that have blown up all over the internet- Love is Blind, The Circle, Tiger King, and Too Hot to Handle. While I can’t say any of them are highly intellectual and intelligent programs, they are worth a watch. I am going to come right out and say that Tiger King was not my favourite but definitely interesting and a lot of people have enjoyed it! Other Shows (some new, some classics!): A Million Little Things, Summer House, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Schitt’s Creek, You, Prison Break, Homeland. if you haven’t watched any of these, also highly recommended while you have some time on your hands!
  • Virtual Wine Night: If you haven’t downloaded the App “HouseParty” it is a must! While you can video chat on lots of apps (FaceTime, Hangouts. etc) this gives you an opportunity to play games with your friends at the same time. Theres a few different games you can play, and it can be quite funny and fun especially if you’re a couple of glasses in! My friends and I bought this fun game which was super fun and you can play virtually- check it out!
  • Break a Sweat: Although we don’t have open gyms right now, getting up and moving is so important. Especially for those who are essential workers still on the front lines, it is even more important to take a break and reset your mental wellness as well as physical wellness. I have been doing some of the training programs on the Peloton app (fun fact you don’t need the bike to do them!) if you have a few pieces of equipment at home, you can follow along with the workouts and break a sweat! (You all know how I love being able to modify moves especially with some of my restrictions, and the videos are super great for doing that but still pushing you. If you aren’t feeling the whole workout video at home thing or don’t have the space, get out and go for a walk! (socially distanced of course)
  • Yoga & Meditation: Speaking of mental wellness, ModoYoga is also doing a promotion with their online classes (Namastream). You can get your first month free if you sign up (usually around $20 a month I think) and if you are a healthcare worker, you just have to email them to get a promo code to get access for free! So awesome to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to spend a few minutes and care for yourself so that you can care for others.
  • Read a Book! When was the last time you read a good book? This is one of my favourite simple pleasures that I often don’t have much time for (but am trying to make time to do it!) A few of my all time favourites include Handle with Care, Gone Girl, Night Road, Girl Wash your Face! and Small Great Things. I’m currently reading the Goldfinch and Get Out of Your Own Way

Make something new! What a better time to try a new recipe. It might be using up some leftovers in your fridge or testing out some new spices you have, but whatever it is- have some fun with it! An account I’m really loving right now is The Girl on Bloor

  • Goal Setting: with everything in flux, it is a good time to take an “inventory” on the goals you have set for yourself this year and if you’re not reaching them, make a plan to do this! I have to tell you that I am watching Rachel Hollis’ new show on QUIBI right now (download the app and first 3 months are free!) and she gives such great thoughtful and practical suggestions on how to do this. Highly recommend!

If you are looking for ways to do your part and support the front lines right now:

  • Go through your cupboards! Chances are that there are some non- perishables in there that you haven’t and won’t use, but others might. Food banks are in a critical need of donations with the current pandemic. Any little bit you can do helps! Check out your Local Food Bank’s directions online to see what they are in need of.
  • Donate BLOOD! As you can imagine, this is one of the last things on many peoples’ radars, but if you can please donate! Patients are still in need of blood products to survive, and we are in a shortage currently!
  • Shop/ buy local: lots of small businesses are hurting during this time. If you are able to buy produce, groceries or make other purchases through local vendors, they will appreciate it more than ever. Wednesdays are #canadatakeout day, so if you are ordering food, think local! You can also buy gift cards from small establishments for later which will help them right now!
  • Support businesses that support frontline workers: Buying products from companies/ groups supporting front line workers. You may have ordered products from somewhere which is sending out masks with your order to “keep you safe”. Please be aware of this when you are ordering from places, and if you notice people are profiting off of vulnerable individuals using this fear as an opportunity for financial gain, please say something (or at the very least use your money elsewhere!)
  • Advocate for Health and Change: Speak to your MPs/ MPPs. Every voice matters and every voice counts. You have the potential to safe a life- please talk to your political leaders to ensure workers are equipped with appropriate PPE, ensure adequate and appropriate access to testing, and take a graduated approach to getting back to life so that our system does not surge.

And most importantly… please STAY HOME. Stay safe.

It’s okay if you aren’t feeling productive today, or you need that extra hour of sleep. This is new for all of us, and whether we know or realize it, it has had huge impacts on all of us in many ways. Sometimes it’s all just about a little balance. If you have thoughts/ ideas to share of what you have been up to, drop a comment below!

– C

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