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thoughts in isolation

It’s been a minute since my last post (sorry!) as you can imagine it has been a little crazy with the evolving nature of COVID19 and what that means for me and my life. Today’s post is just a short one, but has some important thoughts One thing is for sure- this will be a March that nobody will ever forget.

A week ago, many schools, businesses and even hospital organizations were hoping they could “get by” avoiding closure and total interruption to their daily operations but that is no longer the case. Regardless of your opinions on any political party or if these actions may have been “too late”- THANK YOU to the Ontario and Canadian governments for putting actions in place to help flatten the curve. It is something.

As a nurse, I am definitely living this COVID19 thing in many ways- it feels a little surreal, and also my life doesn’t feel that changed in many ways. I am still going to work, and doing many of the normal things I would do (I’m not teaching right now but I am working at our provincial telephone medical advice service to help out with the huge volume of calls we’re receiving so that’s taking up some extra time too). I am not going anywhere except to work and home, and self- isolating (even from my family because I don’t live with them anymore). It’s hard. I miss my family and my friends (AND MY DOGS!). But I know it needs to happen, and I know I would feel so guilty if I brought something home from work and exposed someone to that (or if I was exposed and couldn’t contribute in what is going to be perhaps the most challenging and overwhelming pandemic our healthcare system has had to deal with to date). I saw this meme below this week and it hit the nail RIGHT on the head.

To be honest, I would probably be going insane if I was cooped up in my apartment (and I don’t blame anyone who is). It’s really hard, and social media is a bit of a double edged sword. I have personally really taken a step back from checking my social media and tuning in to all the news. I feel a little burnt out from all of it to be honest with you- living COVID of every single moment of the day. I found myself just getting irritated with the amount of people I am seeing not practicing social distancing (or thinking the rules don’t apply to them). Guess what? NOBODY is. This pandemic will become worse and interrupt our lives longer if we don’t take it seriously and do what we need to do.
“I didn’t know it was this serious” is not an excuse. We all knew. If you chose not to believe it- nobody can take responsibility for that other than you.

I have mixed feelings about how the general public is handling this pandemic. To be blunt, there are some real idiots out there (I really love the term that has been coined “covidiots” by the way). Some people are panicked (there is no reason to be panicked, just be prepared- see my post last week). We definitely need to take it seriously but the people who are shaming others for not exciting panic in their lives because this is how they are coping- chillllll man. On the flip side, talking to people and even in the hospital working, there are many others who are unfortunately not taking this thing seriously. I even have friends who I thought would have “known better” that chose not to postpone their vacations, are still having big family and friend gatherings and putting all of us at risk because they thought they were above the rules. This not only disappoints me, but it hurts me. Hurts me to know that the people I hold dear to me in my life did not value my life or any of those who are doing the same because their life was more valuable than ours. What has been clear is that many organizations thought that they could put their bottom line above people’s lives. Do I think that the decisions any of them are making are easy? Absolutely not. But it speaks to their morals and values of what they have chosen to prioritize.

Remember this when we come out on the other side of this thing- who supported you, local businesses, and put your health and well being first. I hope that we can all learn some important lessons from this chaos, and I think we ought to revisit our priorities and what we hold important to us (more on that in another post this week hopefully). Remember the values and morals of the people in your life who social distanced, self isolated, and sacrificed things in their lives to protect each other and all of you working on the front lines with me. Thank you to the many doctors, nurses, RTs, endless other health professionals, grocery workers, farmers, and other essential service workers putting your lives and the lives of your families at risk to do the important work we are doing. I know it is not about the thank you’s we receive, but it is important we appreciate and acknowledge each other, fill up each others’ cups so we can keep doing the work in the difficult days and weeks to come.


Please don’t forget about the seniors or vulnerable people you know who are isolated at home by themselves (and just how much things like this can impact peoples’ mental health- check in on the people you care about!) , those who may have been laid off or struggling financially, and those who may not have strong support systems. Please be kind to one another. Times like this can bring out the worst in people, but let’s make it an opportunity to be our best selves.

Please stay safe, be well, , stay HOME and wash your hands! Thank you all for doing your part.

xo, – C

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